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Percipient is Methodic's comprehensive IP Lifecycle Management platform, enabling companies of all sizes to have complete control over the design and integration of both internal and external design elements including libraries, new analog and digital design and standalone IP. [MORE...]


The VersIC 2.0 Platform is a new approach to the management of IC design data. It provides a comprehensive, unified and reliable design data management (DM) experience in the Cadence design environment. With VersIC a truly collaborative design environment across multiple design locations is possible. Cadence libraries, Verilog, Ocean scripts, software, docs and other design assets can be versioned, configured and released on one platform with a single point of release. [MORE...]


With every process node and every SOC design, IT teams are experiencing an unprecedented data explosion. User workspaces routinely exceed 10’s of GB, sometimes 100’s of GB. Regression runs, characterization runs, design and debug workspaces - all of these put a great stress on Network Attached Storage (NAS), create NFS bottlenecks and cause significant project delays. And things are only going to get worse. [MORE...]