IP Management

What’s Happening at Methodics

July 10, 2015
In the semiconductor world, large designs are typically broken into many blocks...
June 8, 2015
Version Management Pioneer and IP Management Leader Partner to Support Rapid,...
June 2, 2015
New Partnership Builds Upon Methodics’ and Bedrock’s On-going Commitment to...
May 28, 2015
In SemiWiki this month, Paul McLellan covers the problems associated with the...
May 28, 2015
As we head into DAC 2015, we have lots of exciting news to share.  Read...
May 27, 2015
WarpStor Drastically Reduces Storage Requirements, IO Bandwidth, and...

State-of-the-art Design Data and IP Lifecycle Management

Methodics delivers modern Design Data and IP Lifecycle ManagementTM solutions for analog, digital, and SoC design teams.

Integrating IP management with powerful analytics and industry-standard data management enables Methodic's solutions to significantly reduce design cost; making design more efficient, predictable and with higher quality.

ProjectIC Block Diagram

Our highly scalable solution is ideal for large multinational SoC and IP design teams, as well as small specialized IP design teams.