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IP Management

ProjectIC for Digital Design
ProjectIC for Enterprise
ProjectIC for Integrators                                                                      Methodics / Magillem Integration for SOC Designers


SoC and IP Management Survey Results

Supported IP Types in ProjectIC
Creating a Hierarchical Project
Creating an IP in ProjectIC
IP Centric Bug-tracking
ProjectIC Command Line Client  
Creating Releases
Identifying Important Releases with IP Aliases
Managing IP's in Active Development
Organizing your IP catalog with Labels
Tracking IP Usage
Workspace Update Modes

White Papers

Leveraging "Single Source of Truth' Architecture to Speed Development Times, Improve Design Quality, and Reduce Risk                             Integrating Requirements Management with IP management
Meeting Time-to-Market and Cost Reduction Goals Through Platform Based Design
Product Lifecycle Management in a Semiconductor Design Environment - Problems and Challenges
ProjectIC Based SoC Integration Flow
Best Practices for Perforce Based Hardware Design
Managing Your Design Environment as Hierarchical IPs
Application Note: IP@HEAD
IP Views
Hierarchical IP Subsystems
Threat Detection through Big Data Analytics: A Proactive Approach to Securing SoC Design Data
Architected for Multi-Site Collaboration
Workspace Updates for Effective Collaboration
IP Permissions Management
Effective Bug tracking with IP Subsystems
Application Note: Integrating ProjectIC with Duolog's Socrates Weaver
Benefits of IP-centric Design
Release Methodologies for SoC Design
Application Note: Compilable IP in ProjectIC
Correct By Construction Workspaces
IP Lifecycle Management Whitepaper
Design Data Management Approach for the SoC Era