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Dean Drako’s recent summary of "IP management needs and competitive matrix" (ESNUG 539 Item 6) was a good starting point - however it lacked some critical items and modern DM advances. In the form originally published it represents what some would say is the state of the art from the previous decade.

To help bring the table into the current decade and help customers get a more complete picture of their options, we have taken the liberty of expanding the original table to add some new topics we felt must be considered (highlighted in orange) and to add columns for Methodics and native Perforce. This is the full featured version of Perforce not the feature limited version embedded in IC Manage GDP - which one customer once described to us as "Perforce with training wheels".

Originally we had intended to add Git to this table since at least one major semiconductor vendor has adopted it. There are some nuances around distributed versus centralized configuration management that are probably beyond the scope of this conversation, so we’ve left that out of the table.