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A Methodics and Automotive IQ Webinar


While separate solutions may exist for traceability of requirements, design data, and verification results, these solutions are often disconnected and therefore error prone when members of hardware and software design teams attempt to share and track data.

To meet this need, Methodics has developed the Percipient IP Lifecycle management (IPLM) platform to provide design teams with a fully traceable environment for tracking IP in an organization while simply performing their day-to-day design work, whether that work is analog, digital, software, embedded software, or final assembly. With Percipient, traceability is inherently built-in to the design process, not "added on.”

Please join us online on Tuesday, May 14 at 10AM Pacific Time for a presentation of how to setup a methodology for a traceable semiconductor design process, and an overview and demo of how the Percipient platform can help design teams meet compliance to FuSa standards such as ISO 26262.

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