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Large, distributed design teams benefit from adopting a "release" methodology.   This ensures that high quality design snapshots are available to the team at all times, while allowing team members to continue to work on their individual files, and while reducing the overhead involved in qualifying every single check-in.

This white paper outlines a case study and discusses the capabilities within ProjectIC for designers to work on a common design and to manage their workspaces for better collaboration through a "Workspace Update Modes" feature.

Workspace Update Modes allows designers to use releases made by their colleagues without disrupting their own work-in-progress.  Users who update their workspaces when a new release is made will always get qualified changes from other team members - which means that the number of broken workspaces caused by other team members is reduced almost to zero.

In addition to protecting users from the danger of having their own files changed by a new release, there are many other advantages to be gained by using the different Update Modes provided within ProjectIC.  Again, these benefits are described by way of a case study outlined in the paper.