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Whether you're a design or a verification engineer, a system architect, a CAD manager, or anyone else involved in complex SoC design, the concept of "IP reuse" is a hot topic and an important initiative in today's semiconductor industry.  

At Methodics, we're very proud to have envisioned this coming trend when we introduced our IP Management platform, ProjectIC, back in 2010.  (please see our June 2010 announcement "Methodics Design Collaboration Platform Manages Project Data and Expedites the Delivery of IP Across the Enterprise".)

In a recent survey of the semiconductor industry, we found the interest in IP reuse is equally spread between digital teams and analog teams, and encompasses not only "IP reuse" but also "IP tracking and auditing" and "IP integration".  

It was also eye-opening that most companies are still trying to manage these mission-critical IP initiatives through the use of spreadsheets (31.7%) or through various other home-grown solutions (39.7%), and that a significant number of companies (28.3%) have no IP defect-tracking solution in place.

Another key revelation is that most respondents (66.1%) need to share design work and collaborate across multiple geographic sites around the world, including across other functional groups outside of design engineering. (43.3%)

In summary, our survey confirms our vision that the adoption of IP reuse and related initiatives is becoming ever more important as designs become more complex and new products must continue to be delivered to the market on time and with high quality levels.

To review the entire survey and draw your own conclusions, please download the PDF above.