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Percipient delivers cost and time to market savings to companies by delivering a platform that is able to track all aspects of design and development and report status on development from IP through system design.

San Francisco, CA June 19, 2017 – Methodics Inc, the leader in platform based design, storage optimization, and workspace acceleration solutions for complex System-on-Chip (SoC) designs, today announced Percipient, the industry’s first management platform for the enterprise design ecosystem that scales to very large designs and maintains fast performance. For the first time, design teams have a platform that is able to track all aspects of their design and development, and report status on development from IP through system design and integration.

As heightened competition drives semiconductor companies to innovate more quickly and deliver new products faster than ever to meet customer demands, companies must find ways to optimize how they develop and deliver products. Leading SoC companies are looking to capitalize on and allow for reuse of their extensive IP collections to quickly deliver new and derivative designs from products that have already been successfully produced. In order to achieve this, not only must the design process be abstracted through IP development, but other engineering systems and company infrastructure must be accounted for in being able to track status throughout the enterprise.

“While our competition are playing ‘catch-up’, the Percipient platform delivers revolutionary technology for IP lifecycle management to our customers." said Simon Butler, President and CEO at Methodics. " Gone are the days when it was good enough just to have a repository of IP for reuse. In order for companies to deliver designs on time and on budget, not only must IP lifecycle be managed, but the entire ecosystem. Percipient allows for the entire abstraction of the enterprise, including IP development, engineering systems, and company infrastructure.”

Expanding on Methodics’ existing design platforms, ProjectIC and VersIC, Percipient provides a platform that allows for data and meta data to be related between IP Lifecycle Management, engineering systems like requirements management, issue and defect management, and infrastructure performance. Design information can mined and reported “in context” to engineering tasks performed based on real time data.

“Many of our customers are struggling with the mountains of design data that need to be parsed to get real time information on the current state of development.” said Michael Munsey, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Accounts at Methodics. “To effectively understand current project status, real time data needs to be available to design teams. Percipient is the only management platform available today that allows abstraction of data across the entire design ecosystem that will allow companies to accurately report on project status and predict future development trends.”

Methodics will be demonstrating Percipient at DAC in Austin, Texas June 19 - 21, 2017. Customers should contact Methodics regarding availability and pricing.


Methodics delivers state-of-the-art IP Lifecycle Management, Design Data Management, and Storage and Workspace optimization and acceleration tools for analog, digital, SoC, and software development design teams. Methodics' customers benefit from the products' ability to enable high-performance collaboration across multi-site and multi-geographic design teams. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has additional offices and representatives in the U.S., Europe, China, Taiwan, and Korea. For more information, visit