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IPLM is the same in any language

It seems like only yesterday we were getting ready to showcase our latest IP Lifecycle Management (IPLM) solutions at the Design Automation Conference, and now we’re already counting the days until the holidays.

So while the eyes of the IC design world were on Austin, Texas in June, this Fall issue of our newsletter has a decidedly international flavor. From Korea to Germany and points in between, we see a common theme amongst our customers – they need better, more efficient and faster ways to deal with the critical IP building blocks that comprise their designs.

We continue to enhance our core solutions with increased functionality and performance, making them easier to use, and simplifying and automating the tedious, error-prone tasks in how IC development teams manage all the data involved in their designs.

The new release of our IP Lifecycle Management platform, Percipient, at DAC was proof of our commitment to innovate, and our partnership with neo4j announced in this newsletter demonstrates our continued commitment to innovation.

By the way, if you're attending the ISO 26262 Semiconductors event in Munich in December, we will be leading a round-table discussion on IP Lifecycle Management in the context of ISO 26262 requirements.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

Thanks for taking the time to keep up with what’s happening at Methodics. No matter where you are located or what language you speak, we are confident we can help with your IPLM challenges.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017 – Thursday, December 7, 2017

Munich, Germany

Partnership with Neo4j provides new level of design efficiency with industry proven Graph database

Methodics has announced a partnership with Neo4j, the creator of the market leading Graph Platform for connected data. These guys are the best in this space and boast the world's largest dedicated investment in native graph technology. Some of the benefits include vastly better performance and scalability over the previous SQL Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) implementation. The new solution enables engineering teams to create, check out, modify, and check in their design workspaces much faster than any other solution. For more information, go here.

Methodics expands Korean market through partnership with NinePlusIT

Korea has always been an important IC and electronics system design market and like other places in the world, design teams and engineering organizations face a range of challenges when it comes to IP management. Methodics has teamed up with proven Korean sales and service partner NinePlusIT to support our growing number of customers there, including providing in-depth training on the most efficient approaches to managing design complexity and IP lifecycles. Read more here.

New Graph database functionality improves managing hierarchy in design

A recently published white paper from Methodics explains how incorporating a new Graph database provides greater efficiency, and ultimately reduces time to market, for complex IC design. The white paper details how executing some of the most commonly used commands can go from minutes to seconds, and, more importantly, how this performance scales to 100’s of thousands, even millions of nodes. Get the complete white paper here.


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