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Welcome to Our December Newsletter!

First, let me wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a very prosperous 2017!  As we anticipated last year, 2016 has been full of exciting news at Methodics.

Our next generation IP Management platform (codenamed "Tau" to those of you in the know) is in production and is proving to be the major leap in performance and functionality that we predicted. We'll be doing some in-depth write ups on this in the near future, but suffice to say our competitors are going to be groaning when they catch wind of its feature set and performance.

On the WarpStor front, we've had a number of big successes  including a contract in Q4 with a major Korean customer.  The case study language is still getting vetted by the legal folks at the moment, but look for a press release in the New Year.  And, at another key customer, WarpStor is creating 200GB workspaces in 14s (down from 30mins) in their NFS environment and reducing the workspace sizes down to 100KB!  You can review that case study here.  These represent huge wins and validation of our technology in very demanding environments.

For some background on our IP motivations you can take a look at the interview I did with the good folks over at SemiWiki in November.  Managing IP has been a passion of ours since 2010 and is now our main raison-d'etre. Daniel did a good job pulling together the whole story.

Our relationship with Magillem continues to grow in scope and, in November, we were part of their Silicon Valley User Conference. There is a lot of synergy between our 2 companies and we're very focused on delivering those use models in our tools. See our Magillem Integration data sheet for more details.

Finally, on the technology front, we released our "Single Source of Truth Architecture" white paper that discusses the merits of a centralized data and IP management approach to facilitate reuse, transparency, and collaboration between multi-site design teams

If one or more of the topics covered in this newsletter grabs your interest, please email and let us know if you'd like to hear more about it.  We'd be happy to arrange a personal meeting for you.

Best Regards,

Happy Holidays

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ProjectIC provides a 'Single Source of Truth' Architecture for Design Teams

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WarpStor Helps Fabless SOC Company Drastically Reduce Workspace Creation Time, Storage Usage, and IOPs!

In this customer environment, 150 - 200GB workspaces are common and previously took up to 30 minutes to fully populate. In addition, Filer IOPs and NFS latencies associated with delivering data to user workspaces were excessive and were a source of slowness on the network.

After installing WarpStor, user workspace creation time was reduced to 14 seconds, workspace sizes decreased from 150 - 200GB to only 100KB, and total IOPs were reduced by more than 70% during write bursts.

To read the details, please download the Case Study here.

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"The WarpStor / Perforce combination has made incredible improvement over the raw performance of building workspaces, both in terms of disk space consumed and time to sync files.  Methodics has made some real innovations in the storage space to address our large data-set issues"

      - Staff CAD Engineer

White Paper: Leveraging 'Single Source of Truth' Architecture to Speed Development Times, Improve Design Quality, and Reduce Risk

Many Design Management (DM) tools used by the Semiconductor Industry today are based on outdated, proprietary version control systems and have fallen significantly behind the state of the art. These tools are often only capable of supporting a single project per server due to the severe scalability and performance limitations inherent in their underlying technology.  This ‘server per project’ limitation silos teams and their information, preventing sharing and reuse across the organization.

In contrast, modern DM tools built on industry standard version control systems take a centralized, IP based approach; information about the development status of every project can be communicated freely and immediately across the organization, and across distributed teams. Modern tools leverage a ‘Single Source of Truth’ architecture to enable Platform Based Design - an integration based approach that systematically leverages design reuse and established platforms to speed development times, improve quality, and reduce risk.


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