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DAC 2016 in Austin will be another exciting event for Methodics.  We'll be featuring the second major release of our IP Lifecycle Management platform, ProjectIC, along with a new release of WarpStor, our partnerships with Perforce and Magillem, hula dancers, and much more!

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Welcome to Our DAC 2016 Newsletter!

Hi there, and welcome to the last newsletter before the main conference of the year, DAC!

This is going to be our best DAC ever! I know, I know, all vendors like to say that, but for us this year its really true.

First up, we have some incredible live Hawaiian dance performances at our booth (twice daily) to break up the demo/sales-pitch/swag-grab grind. This is part of our “Go Native” theme for integrating native data tools (such as Perforce) into our IP Management flow. Every other vendor in the data/IP management space is trying to sell you a proprietary “closed” system solution, ultimately with the goal of locking you in. Don’t do it! .. Go Native!

And by the way, we'll have several of our friends from Perforce joining us at our booth this year too.  Please be sure to stop by to meet with them and hear more about the advantages of adopting native Perforce.

Also we’ll be announcing the next release of our flagship product, the ProjectIC 2.0 IP Lifecycle Management (IPLM) solution with a focus on Platform Based Design. This new release is a major step forward for us and includes performance improvements, richer API’s, and some killer new features. Platform Based Design is a process that is getting increasing amounts of traction in today's IP-centric Semiconductor design environment.  How ProjectIC 2.0 can facilitate this is discussed in a new white paper here.

Finally, we’ll be announcing a new release of WarpStor with new features and integrations to help reduce your workspace creation/management and release bottlenecks. We’ll also be presenting some customer success stories to help explain how this technology has helped other companies in the Semiconductor space.

I hope to see all of you in Austin on June 6th!

Best Regards,

P.S. - If one or more of the topics covered in this newsletter grabs your interest, please email and let us know if you'd like to hear more about it.

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Come see us at DAC 2016 in Austin

It's DAC time again, and Methodics once again has a lot happening!  Please visit us at booth #1019 at the Austin Convention Center, to learn about  exciting advances in our technology:

  • ProjectIC v2.0 - This second major release of our flagship IP Lifecycle Management (IPLM) solution enables platform-based design... an industry-first!

  • WarpStor - our engineering workspace, diskspace, and IO bandwidth optimizer is helping customers drastically reduce costs and improve time-to-market.  See the links below for customer success stories.

  • Integration with Magillem tools to provide a fully synchronized IPLM and SoC assembly environment, assuring that designs can be quickly assembled and kept up to date with changes in the underlying IP.

We are also excited to be involved in other activities around the show including a presentation at the Cadence Theater at 1:30pm on Wednesday, June 8 titled "IP Lifecycle Management - Enabling Platform Based Design"

To pre-schedule a private meeting at our booth or learn more, email

And, on a final note...  Please drop by our booth to pick up a special gift and qualify for our our daily fitbit give-away!

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White Paper: Meeting Time-to-Market and Cost Reduction Goals Through Platform Based Design

   by: Michael Munsey, VP of Business Development and Strategic Accounts

Companies designing today's complex System-on-Chips (SoC’s) must find new ways to meet the challenges imposed by shrinking time-to-market windows and cost pressures.  Platform based design methodologies allow companies to reduce the time it takes to bring designs to market and maximize reuse of internal IP on those designs.

A platform is the starting point for a new or derivative design that contains all of the IP and design meta data properly configured to be downloaded to a user's workspace.  To enable a platform based design methodology, companies must formalize how design IP is handled.

By adopting an IP Lifecycle Management solution (IPLM), companies can benefit from streamlining the SoC development process and guarantee that IP is being fully utilized through all of the company’s design projects.


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