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Hello and welcome to our Q3 Newsletter!

Methodics is now a Perforce Partner!

Read how Methodics ProjectIC works together with Perforce Helix Threat Detection to secure your SoC IP:

We have some great news to share in this month's newsletter. 

First up is our new Perforce relationship - We’re now official reseller partners with Perforce, which means we’re now selling fully bundled ProjectIC/VersIC/Perforce solutions. Please contact our sales team for more information. For pre-existing Perforce users, this won’t necessarily have a big impact since our tools will continue to work with their existing Perforce installations, but this new relationship should simplify new Perforce deployments quite a lot.

Click the image above to download the WarpStor data sheet.

Click the image above to download the WarpStor data sheet.

We’ve also had a tremendous reaction to our WarpStor appliance announcement at DAC and during many follow up evaluations. As a reminder, our WarpStor appliance is the answer to the data-explosion issues so many of our customers are suffering from. WarpStor will reduce your disk-space requirements, IO-bandwidth, and NFS latencies by using smart block-level data optimizations. This was discussed in a previous blog-post and white paper, and will be the subject of a forth-coming webinar.  Please watch for more details on this webinar in the October time-frame.

Finally, with all this talk of data-explosion, big-data concepts, and the interesting analytics that are usually associated with this, I’d like to point you to our latest white-paper, "Threat Detection through Big Data Analytics: A Proactive Approach to Securing SoC IP Design Data”. This discusses the use of ProjectIC in conjunction with the Perforce big-data analytics platform to give deeper insight into your design activity, and nip in the bud possible IP theft and other infringements before an incident occurs.

If one or more of the topics covered in this newsletter grabs your interest, please email and let us know if you'd like to hear more about it.  We'd be happy to arrange a personal meeting for you.


Overwhelming response to WarpStorTM - Webinar coming in October!

In one of our many announcements at DAC this year, we introduced our revolutionary Network Attached Storage (NAS) and engineering workspace optimizer and accelerator, WarpStor.  The WarpStor technology can save not only enormous amounts of disk space and IO bandwidth, but also enormous amounts of workspace creation and check-in / check-out time.  In case you missed it, you can read the announcement here.

The response to that announcement has been overwhelming, so we are scheduling a 1 hour webinar in October.  Please watch for a separate email for the exact date and time of this upcoming webinar.

White Paper: Threat Detection through Big Data Analytics

As semiconductor engineering teams grow in size and become increasingly more distributed across multiple sites around the world, the proprietary and confidential System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and semiconductor intellectual property (IP) design data sets have grown to 10’s or 100’s of Gigabytes.  Securing this data has become a huge challenge. It is no longer sufficient to secure data within the walls of a single company site.  Data now must be secured within the collaborative teams that share that data across international boundaries.

To solve the complete IP security problem and successfully protect IP design data, companies must look to technologies that support both IP and file-level security and big data-centric threat detection. This paper outlines the characteristics and advantages of such a solution.


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